Strength of materials/Mechanics of materials

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Lecturer: Tomas Mares (email:
Strength of materials course consists of two one semester courses: Strength of materials I and Strength of materials II

Strength of materials I course


  1. Tension and compression of axially loaded bars pdf1 pdf2 pdf3 pdf4
  2. Trusses both statically determinate and indeterminate
  3. Three-dimensional and two-dimensional stress state—principal stresses and planes, maximum shearing stress pdf5
  4. Strain energy for multiaxial stress state pdf6
  5. Theories of failure pdf7
  6. Torsion of circular shafts pdf8 pdf9
  7. Bending of beams—shearing force, bending moment pdf10
  8. Geometrical characteristics of a cross-section—centroids, second moments of area, etc. pdf11
  9. Bending of beams—normal and shearing stress in beams pdf12
  10. Deflection of beams pdf13
  11. Statically indeterminate beams pdf14
  12. Combined loading—unsymmetrical bending, bars with eccentric axial loads, bending and torsion, bending and shear pdf15
  13. Bending of thin curved beams pdf1 pdf2
  14. Bending of frames pdf3


  1. Deflection of beam--differential equation pdf9

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Strength of materials II course

  1. Design for fatigue strength—cyclic loading, S-N diagram, Smith's and Haigh's fatigue diagram pdf16
  2. Safety factors for fatigue strength, stress due to combined loading pdf17
  3. Thin-walled rotational membranes pdf
  4. Thick cylinders pdf4
  5. Compound thick cylinders pdf5
  6. Hub and shaft with an interference fit pdf6
  7. Rotating disks pdf7
  8. Circular plates pdf8
  9. Buckling of columns pdf9
  10. Buckling and bending pdf10
  11. 3D stress state and geometrical theory of strains pdf11 pdf12
  12. Torsion of noncircular bars and thin-walled tubes pdf13, pdf
  13. Plastic limit analysis of structures pdf14 pdf15

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